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Vehicle Charging

Across both the Public and Private sectors, harnessing the clear environmental and economic advantages of electric vehicles is becoming ever more crucial, forming a key component of a comprehensive decarbonisation plan.

Minimise Your Carbon Footprint with Our Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

Keep in mind, charging solutions come in all shapes and sizes. Identifying the perfect setup that ensures scalability, ease of use, and reliability across all scenarios is fundamental to crafting a sustainable electric vehicle strategy for the long haul.
Here at Lighting House, we’re all about tuning into what you need and customising our solutions to match. We’re not just offering products; we’re offering pathways to stronger business outcomes and significant cuts in carbon emissions.
Fancy a chat? Pop in and share your vision with us. We’re keen to walk you through every step, ensuring a smooth journey to your goals.
Vehicle Charging Simplified…
The Lighting House 3-Step Journey

We aim to simplify the adoption of Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions with our straightforward 3-step process.

Free Consultation

Get in touch to schedule a free site evaluation. Our specialised design team will visit your premises to conduct a thorough assessment, identifying how we can assist in lowering your carbon footprint and energy expenses through optimal EV charging solutions.

Tailored Proposal

The team at Lighting House will present a tailored proposal that outlines the environmental advantages, carbon emission reductions, expected payback periods, and potential annual savings on energy costs, all designed around your EV charging requirements.

Project Management

On approval, we will set a convenient date to begin and oversee the entire installation process from start to completion. Our commitment is to ensure a seamless transition, managing all aspects to guide you towards a greener, more efficient future.

Who We have Worked With

At Lighting House, we take pride in our extensive roster of contented clients who have seamlessly transitioned to our Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions. This move has not only fostered environmental stewardship but also bolstered the efficiency and sustainability of their operations, leading to significant energy savings and contributing to a greener future.

What Our Clients Say

Brilliant Company

"What a brilliant company meeting the needs of any business premises. Holly was really helpful and will advise the very best lighting solutions saving you money whilst helping save the Earth as well. Thank you."

Ian Squire Business Owner

Very Reliable

"Very reliable and brilliant customer service. I work for a school in Burnley and the company helped us get a full build of new LEDs throughout! Holly was exceptionally brilliant throughout the whole process! . I Recommend Lighting House 100% for all needs"

Sam Montague School Business Manager

Highly Recommend

"Absolute brilliant company they have completed our LED Lighting grant and helping us to see if we can add any more technology that will help our school to reduce the CO2 we produce. I would highly recommend Lighting House."

Bradley Smith School Business Manager
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