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St Malachy’s Primary School

Project Overview

St Malachy’s RC Primary School who are part of the Diocese of Salford in Manchester recently had their lighting upgraded to LED. The school had old fluorescent lighting throughout. The fluorescent tubes were failing regularly and with the fluorescent ban coming in September 2023 they could no longer be replaced.

It was costing St Malachy’s a lot of money to keep replacing their failing fittings, as well as the associated maintenance costs. With the price of energy ever increasing and the fluorescent lighting ban coming soon it made sense to upgrade school to LED.

It was also important for St Malachy’s to look at the impact their lighting was having on the environment both in and out of the classroom. Changing over to LED meant that they could create a bright environment for the children to focus in whilst also reducing their carbon footprint significantly.

Adrian the School Business Manager reached out to Lighting House to see how we could help reduce their energy bills. Following an initial conversation to understand their needs we did an audit at St Malachy’s RC Primary School. Our findings showed that they could save a significant amount of money from their energy bills by upgrading to LED, the savings were so great that their project would have paid for itself in just over 1 year.

Due to the astronomical energy price rises of the last year, the government awarded schools grant funding to use on energy efficiency projects. The idea of this funding was to implement technologies in school that would help reduce their energy consumption and therefore reducing their bills. St Malachy’s decided to use their funding on upgrading the lighting to LED. This is the quickest was to reduce your energy spend.

Installation was completed over the summer holidays. Working seamlessly with the school team we were able to upgrade their lighting ready for the return of students and staff for the beginning of September!

‘Communication is key, and you need to have confidence that one, the supplier can fulfil their obligations, they’ve been around long enough in a sense to give you a bit of confidence that they’re not here today gone tomorrow. Having so many other schools have good things to say, overall, those factors came into the mix of selecting Lighting House.
The pre installation and the installation process went really well. I thought Lighting House were great, very good communication, I certainly would recommend them.’
Adrian Auton, School Business Manager, St Malachy’s RC Primary School

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