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Range High School

I am more than happy to recommend Lighting House to you. We managed to secure £115k in SALIX funding to replace all our lights with LED units. We are a school of 1120 students and 160 staff so quite a big site.

I was very worried about this project as it was going to impact every single room in the whole school and I was concerned at the disruption it might cause, with hindsight I need not have worried.

Lighting House were extremely professional and worked closely with me on scheduling the work throughout the school day and in close down periods. There were occasions when the electricians came across an issue but they were prepared to fix it so they could continue with the project.

At the end of the contract the total price paid was not the total we had agreed, it was slightly lower as some units did not need replacing as they were already LED units. Their honesty could not be faulted.

With regard to the units fitted, they are a good quality light and we have only had a very, very small number - maybe three max - that have had to be replaced over the last three years. A simple phone call followed up by a quick visit sorted out the issue - again with a minimum amount of fuss. This was the same with the few snagging issues we had, all sorted quickly.

The key to the success of our project was the preparation that was put in beforehand by the contractor and the school as well as working closely together when the lights were being installed., I have to say that I was totally shocked at the impact the new lights had on the electricity bill of the school - this almost halved overnight. Seriously, the impact was huge......aren't I happy, with prices now, that we did it when the chance arose. In summary, I strongly recommend Lighting House. Good luck with your project, feel free to contact me again if you need any further direct number is below.

Andy Pritchard – Range High School

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