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LED Lighting

Transitioning to LED lighting with Lighting House can lead to savings of up to 80% on your electricity bills, significantly contributing to carbon footprint reduction. Moreover, this shift promises a substantial decrease in your maintenance expenses, ensuring both financial and environmental benefits.

With our LED lighting solutions, there has never been a better time to switch and start saving money on your lighting.

We provide low-maintenance tailored LED lighting solutions making is easier than ever for our clients to enhance efficiency and reduce your lighting expenditure.
The unparalleled energy savings, extended durability, and substantial environmental benefits of LED lighting have become a pivotal factor for entities in both the Public and Private sectors to reassess their energy consumption, related expenses, and carbon emissions.
Switching to LED lighting could lead to savings of as much as 80% on your lighting bills, significantly cut carbon emissions, and markedly lower your maintenance costs over time.
LED Lighting
LED Lighting
At Lighting House, we provide an extensive range of LED lighting solutions suitable for all kinds of premises, regardless of their size or function with both indoor and outdoor lighting options.
The Benefits of LED Lighting in Schools can mean from thousands, to tens of thousands of pounds in savings, each and every year by immediately improving energy efficiency.
Having a comfortable working space is imperative for the wellbeing of both teachers and students, so having reliable and environmentally friendly lighting can make all the difference in a classroom. With a potential saving upto  80% of your current energy bill going back into the school, making the switch LED can open up more budget for your school. We’ve worked with hundreds of schools save money by switching, find out what they’ve said and if we can do the same for you.
Hospitals and healthcare facilities often operate around the clock, leading to significant energy use and related expenses. The lighting in such environments needs to be luminous, low-maintenance, economical, and free from flicker, with durability being a crucial factor.

Help reach your net zero goals by making the switch to LED lighting, reducing the amount of your budget needed to pay for your old energy consuming lighting. With no upfront cost and expert installation and evaluation from our team, we’ll handle every step with care so to make sure that time is not wasted.

Switching from traditional fluorescent to LED lighting represents a big step forward in significantly reducing CO2 emissions and electricity costs. The commercial sector, encompassing diverse settings such as cinemas, car parks, warehouses, offices and retail each presents unique lighting requirements.
A critical, yet often underappreciated, aspect of LED lighting is its safety advantage. When it comes to lighting considerations, heat emission is paramount. Traditional fluorescent lights can convert as much as 90% of their energy directly into heat. In contrast, LED lights emit negligible heat, enhancing safety across various environments.
By transitioning to LED lighting, businesses can achieve cost savings of 80% or more. This shift not only contributes significantly to decarbonisation efforts but also leads to substantial reductions in maintenance expenses over time
Lighting Simplified…
The Lighting House 3-Step Journey
At Lighting House, every LED lighting solution is meticulously implemented by our in-house team of professionals, ensuring seamless integration into your space. Our commitment extends beyond mere installation; we provide comprehensive guidance on managing your new LED systems, empowering your team with the knowledge and confidence to maximize energy efficiency and functionality. This approach guarantees not only a smoother transition to advanced lighting solutions but also a more intuitive and effective use of our technology, enhancing both the environment and your bottom line.

Free Consultation

Reach out to the dedicated team at Lighting House to schedule a no-cost site evaluation. Our LED lighting experts will visit your premises to perform a thorough assessment, identifying opportunities to enhance efficiency and reduce your lighting expenditure.

Tailored Design

Following our evaluation, you'll receive a detailed report pinpointing areas for cost reduction and energy savings. This report will also outline how swiftly the savings could cover the cost of installation, ensuring a clear path to financial and environmental benefits.

Seamless Install

On approval our team will oversee the entire project, from start to finish, ensuring a hassle-free process. We handle all aspects, including the procurement & installation of high-quality solutions, to brighten your space & pave the way to a more sustainable future.

Who We have Worked With

We at Lighting House have a list of hundreds of satisfied previous clients, who have not only made the easy switch to LED for the betterment of the environment but also to help sustain their business and working sites with more effective and less intrusive lighting options, saving between 60 to 80% on their energy bills.

What Our Clients Say

Brilliant Company

"What a brilliant company meeting the needs of any business premises. Holly was really helpful and will advise the very best lighting solutions saving you money whilst helping save the Earth as well. Thank you."

Ian Squire Business Owner

Very Reliable

"Very reliable and brilliant customer service. I work for a school in Burnley and the company helped us get a full build of new LEDs throughout! Holly was exceptionally brilliant throughout the whole process! . I Recommend Lighting House 100% for all needs"

Sam Montague School Business Manager

Highly Recommend

"Absolute brilliant company they have completed our LED Lighting grant and helping us to see if we can add any more technology that will help our school to reduce the CO2 we produce. I would highly recommend Lighting House."

Bradley Smith School Business Manager
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