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Frequently Asked Questions

LEDs are free from mercury and other harmful toxins, making them safe for the environment when disposed of. Like all electronic devices, they should be recycled at a certified facility to ensure eco-friendly disposal.

Lighting House offers a highly flexible installation service tailored to your specific needs. We accommodate installations outside of standard hours, including evenings, to minimise disruption to your business or daily routine.
A dedicated consultant from Lighting House will collaborate with you throughout the design phase. They will visit your premises to understand your needs better and assist in selecting the most suitable products, ensuring they align with your aesthetic preferences upon installation.

We provide a range of financing solutions, including Salix Finance, to support your purchase. For more details on these options, please call us at 01253 982187 or complete our contact form to speak with a team member.

LED lighting offers a natural, flicker-free illumination, creating a healthier environment for educational settings, medical facilities, and homes by reducing eye strain and improving overall well-being.
Our Netzo Lighting products match or exceed the brightness of traditional bulbs while requiring less warm-up time. With LEDs, fewer units are needed to achieve the same brightness level as fluorescents and incandescents, leading to lower energy consumption and environmental impact.
LEDs are vastly more efficient, using up to 75% less energy while providing more light. They convert 95% of energy into light with minimal heat waste, unlike traditional bulbs, which primarily generate heat. This efficiency reduces power plant demand and greenhouse gas emissions.
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