Lighting House, LED Lighting Company

Audenshaw School

Project Overview

When Audenshaw School in Manchester wanted to look at ways to reduce their impact on the environment, switching to energy-efficient LED lighting made the most sense. The additional benefits of a lighter, brighter learning environment also appealed to the school with around 1178 pupils aged from 11-to 16 years old. The lighting upgrade has improved the environment and delivered significant savings for the school as well as reduced carbon emissions.

The communication between ourselves and Lighting House has been absolutely outstanding. Every question we have asked, we have got a quick response. The timescales of everything they have met to absolute T. So, we were really, really happy with everything as an overall. I would 100 percent recommend Lighting House to the other schools for their lighting projects. The work we have done together it’s been amazing

0 Years
Carbon Emission Saving
0 Tonnes
Lighting Spend Before
£ 0
Lighting Spend After
£ 0
Annual Saving
£ 0
Seven Years Saving
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Energy Saving Percentage
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