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Lighting house has extensive experience in the lighting industry helping our clients and actively promoting and showcasing the significant energy savings LED lighting offers.
We have expanded our services to assist and support our clients in their pursuit of decarbonisation and achieving Net Zero. Our comprehensive range of services now include LED Lighting, Solar PV and Electric Vehicle Charging solutions.
Our wealth of experience has enabled us to offer a broad range of energy solutions and installation services, catering to diverse clients within the educational sector and the wider commercial landscape offering tailored solutions.
LED Lighting

Our Approach

Our approach is client-centric; we dedicate ourselves to understanding the unique requirements of each client and crafting bespoke solutions that deliver financial returns and measurable carbon reductions. This ethos applies across both the Public and Private sectors.
Our commitment lies in the delivery of energy-efficient solutions designed to reduce carbon footprints and save money on energy costs and foster the sustainability of organisations.
We aim to be your guide ensuring a seamless experience and complete satisfaction throughout the project’s lifecycle with the initial consultation, proposal, design and installation.

Empowering Our Clients on Their Journey to Decarbonisation and Net Zero...

Flip the switch…
to a brighter tomorrow, starting now.
Conventional lighting incurs significant expenses and profoundly affects both your wallet and the planet. Our dedication lies in guiding you towards substantial reductions in both your lighting costs and ecological impact, illuminating the path to a more radiant tomorrow.
LED Lighting…
Transitioning to LED lighting with Lighting House can lead to savings of up to 80% on your electricity bills…
Solar Solutions…
Transitioning to LED lighting with Lighting House can lead to savings of up to 80% on your electricity bills…
Vehicle Charging…
Transitioning to LED lighting with Lighting House can lead to savings of up to 80% on your electricity bills…

Why Lighting House?

At Lighting House, we stand at the forefront of LED lighting innovation. Our reputation is built on the pillars of excellence in design, manufacturing, supply, and the seamless installation of premium LED lighting solutions.
Our team, comprising highly skilled professionals, boasts deep expertise in conducting detailed LED lighting surveys, devising energy-efficient lighting plans, and executing installations that lead to significant energy savings.

What Our Clients Say

Brilliant Company

"What a brilliant company meeting the needs of any business premises. Holly was really helpful and will advise the very best lighting solutions saving you money whilst helping save the Earth as well. Thank you."

Ian Squire Business Owner

Very Reliable

"Very reliable and brilliant customer service. I work for a school in Burnley and the company helped us get a full build of new LEDs throughout! Holly was exceptionally brilliant throughout the whole process! . I Recommend Lighting House 100% for all needs"

Sam Montague School Business Manager

Highly Recommend

"Absolute brilliant company they have completed our LED Lighting grant and helping us to see if we can add any more technology that will help our school to reduce the CO2 we produce. I would highly recommend Lighting House."

Bradley Smith School Business Manager

Who We have Worked With

We at Lighting House have a list of hundreds of satisfied previous clients, who have not only made the easy switch to LED for the betterment of the environment but also to help sustain their business and working sites with more effective and less intrusive lighting options, saving between 60 to 80% on their energy bills.
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